Top Benefits of CBSE Solved Paper For Class 10 Board Examination

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Top Benefits of CBSE Solved Paper For Class 10 Board Examination

CBSE class 10 board examinations are considered as one of the most important and crucial examinations in a student’s life. The syllabus of CBSE Class 10 boards is vast and covers most of the basic topics that is required for higher education.

Many students who prepare hard for their CBSE Class 10 board examination, fail to get good grades. The main reason behind this is that they are not aware of the question paper pattern and the type of questions that are being asked in the examination. In order to overcome this, students must try to solve previous years question papers. But many questions arise in a student’s mind about the sample papers like,

  • Are the sample papers truly helpful for the board examinations?
  • How can the sample papers be beneficial for the board examinations?

The board examinations are very important for all the students of class 10 and class12. The result of board examinations decides the path of a student’s career life.

Below are some of the advantages of solving class 10 sample papers which is why each and every student should take help of sample papers to get good grades in the board examinations.

  • Eliminates examination stress and fear– Solving the CBSE sample papers gives an idea about the type of questions that are asked in the examination so that the students can prepare well for the examinations. The sample papers are designed on the actual question paper format which helps students in getting an idea of the paper pattern including the type of questions like short or long answer type questions, frequently asked topics, marking scheme, etc. If students practice the sample papers, a lot of examination stress and pressure are relieved.
  • Helps in preparation analysis– The CBSE sample papers are made based on the latest syllabus as released by the board and contains questions based on most of the important topics from the course. Brief solutions and marking schemes are also given on the sample papers which help students in making a proper strategy for their preparation for the examination.
  • Helps in revision– Once the entire syllabus is completed, students can analyze their preparation for each topic this by checking their preparation with sample papers that include questions from each topic in different sections. Try to solve as many sample papers as possible to cover each topic from the syllabus.
  • Know the examination pattern– It is very essential for students to know the examination pattern and the marking scheme. While solving previous years sample papers, students get accustomed with the examination pattern, the number of questions that are asked, etc.
  • Knowledge of question types– When students solve the previous years’ sample question papers, they get to know the question pattern that will be asked in the examination. This helps the students in getting to know the type of questions that are asked and the marks it carries. Once you get well versed with the pattern, you can plan the contents to write in the examinations.
  • Weightage for each chapter– Solving CBSE class 10 sample papers helps students to determine the weightage of each chapter. This provides as a guidance system to prioritize the chapters that are needed to be studied and revised.
  • Repetitive questions– Many questions in the sample papers are repeated in the final board examination. By solving the sample papers, students will take very less time to write the answers.
  • Time management– Solving sample papers helps students in determining the time they took for answering each question. Practicing more and more of the sample papers will enable the students to take less time in solving them. Hence, it will become easier to manage their time during the main examination.
  • Identifying mistakes and how to avoid them– Solving sample papers helps in identifying silly mistakes and thus avoiding such mistakes in the main examination. This can be done by practicing the sample papers and last ten years question papers sincerely.
  • Competition– Students who solve the sample papers are well advanced as compared to those who don’t solve the sample papers.
  • Boost self-confidence– Solving the sample papers help students to know about their strengths and weaknesses so that they can devote more time on the weak areas to improve their results. This boosts their self-confidence and they put in more effort to score good marks. It’s not that student have to focus more on the weak areas. They can practice their strong sections with sample papers to increase their marks.

It is said that, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. By solving the sample papers, indeed, a student can turn this into a reality. As students keeps practicing more and more sample papers of CBSE, then the chances of making mistakes are reduced. Therefore, combining speed and accuracy, students can write their examination with full confidence and fetch good marks.