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If you’ve decided to get industrial pedestal fans you could be wondering what style to choose. The more features you increase a fan the more expensive the price. If you are going to be using one of these brilliant fans in a client area, such as, where it can be seen by visitors to your office you may want to choose polished chrome for decorative purposes.

But the materials found in industrial pedestals fans are essential for other reasons apart from how they look. A fan made from plastic is not going to last so long as a well made metal fan. It could also not produce exactly the same level of air circulation.

If the base is not sturdy the fan is likely to fall over and this is what you need to avoid within an office or warehouse. If your employees are injured by your equipment they can sue you for medical costs and other expenses.

You may think you need all the additional features such as remote control, breeze mode, timing feature etc but again these increase the expense of the units. best pedestal fan in india Think about the result you are attempting to achieve and buy the fans that best meet these needs.

Don’t be tempted to buy fans that are too big and complex for your current needs thinking you’ll grow into them. Technology is changing constantly and the prices of electrical equipment you are considering buying now may reduce in the foreseeable future. Only buy equipment that meets your current requirements not least because these fans take up space and as you expand space could be limited.

Look for adjustable stands as they give you the flexibility to improve the tilt and flow of the air circulation. This is handy when you move the industrial pedestal fans round the premises as different angles will suit different areas of your building.